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When it comes to hiring new employees for your business, there are several factors that you need to consider first. The productivity and profitability of your company should be your top priority, so selecting the right people for the job is important. 

Here are seven factors to consider when making a hiring decision.

  1. Skills

When selecting a candidate, both hard and soft skills are essential and should be considered without neglecting any of them. Candidates could have impressive hard skills, but if they don’t have the right soft skills, they won’t succeed on your team. However, you can contact us for soft skills training.

  1. Experience

A good way to determine a person’s ability to get the job done is by looking at their experience. Have they done similar work in other positions? How long have they been performing these duties? If they have no similar experience, do they have transferable skills that will be useful in this role or a track record of delivering on tasks committed to them? If a candidate has shown success in similar jobs, they’ll probably be able to replicate that success at your company. 

  1. Long term potential

You also need to effectively screen and hire candidates who can excel and commit to the organization for a considerable long haul. By doing this, your organization can reduce turnover and save training costs. So, ask about their long-term potential and why they have an interest in your organization.

  1. Personality

You also need to hire people with the right personality for the job. Get a sense of a candidate’s personality with simple small talk and pay attention to their body language and their general aura. A customer service employee will likely have a different personality than an aggressive sales associate. Kindly contact us to inquire about our personality assessment test.

  1. Attitude

A positive attitude is priceless for the future of your workforce and your entire organization. To figure this out, you may have to take a closer look at their person, how they act over the phone, when they come through the door, how they treat others; above and below them and how they respond to your questions.

  1. Passion

Candidates who show enthusiasm about the job opportunity will most likely find true happiness in doing the work, which will also benefit your organization. If the candidate is invested in the career path and your recruitment process, attends the interview with zeal and cheerfulness and asks questions relatable to improving the job delivery, that candidate might be passionate about the job. Ask job-related questions and observe how they react to the questions.

  1. Cultural fit

Every company has its own culture. For example, some companies have a culture of excellence and going the extra mile to make sure everything gets done. Some, of teamwork and socializing with coworkers. Some have a flat structure and open-door culture, while some have a traditional culture. Whatever your culture is, you have to think about how candidates will fit in. Be sure to ask questions about cultural fit during interviews.

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