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Let us partner with you in developing your human  capital.

We simplify HR processes and partner with organisaitons to make better people related decisions.

About Us

The survival of any business is dependent on its Workforce and Processes.

We know from experience, extensive market research, and in-depth conversations with HR professionals, business owners, and managers that the quality of a company’s workforce is critical to its long-term viability.

About Us

MarbleClear assists you to unknot HR processes for overall value addition to your entities.

Our Services

Talent Assessment Solutions

We help our clients in the evaluation and assessment of the right job candidates; either for recruitment or talent planning purpose.

Talent Acquisition

We work with organisations as yours to identify and acquire the required talents to drive your business goals.

Talent Development & Management

Successful companies thrive on the strength of competent and developed talents.

HR Transformation And Consultancy Services

We can reduce your HR risk exposure and help you shoot for efficiency through the following:

      • HR Processes setup, Optimisation and Management.
      • HR Services for Startups.
      • HR Unit Outsourcing.
      • Development of Performance Management System.
      • Development of HR Documents, Verification, Compliance and lots more.

We Support You in Your Hirings

How to Receive
Job Offer

Having spent some time attending interviews and receiving an offer, it is not enough to take a rash jump. It is important to evaluate the offer, its prospects and then take the next steps.

Take your time

Get to know how long you have to respond to the offer. Go through the details of the offer and seek clarifications where needed along with the aid of relevant professionals, within the stipulated time.

Confirm Offer

Confirming your acceptance guarantees that the job is yours.  Once all terms and conditions are clear and acceptable to you, communicate your acceptance officially, get acknowledgment on your resumption date, and confirm the next steps.


Upon confirmation of your acceptance, you can begin to plan your hand and proceed to resign from your current job giving the required notice period.

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