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Our Services

Talent Assessment Solutions

We help our clients in the evaluation and assessment of the right job candidates; either for recruitment or talent planning purposes. These assessments include but are not limited to aptitude, personality, sales competence, leadership competence, customised assessments and assessment centre coordination. This can be delivered seamlessly remotely as well as on-site if desired.

Talent Acquisition

We work with organisations such as yours to identify and acquire the required talents to drive your business goals. Acquiring talent is the beginning of impression management for intending employees and should be professionally handled. We deliver for you, from strategy right to placement, including commercial and technical roles.

Talent Development and Management

Successful companies thrive on the strength of competent and developed talents. We assist you in crafting your strategies to build, manage, inspire, and retain dynamic, and dedicated employees, culminating in your company’s succession plan.

HR Transformation And Consultancy Services

We can reduce your HR risk exposure and help you shoot for efficiency through the following:

  • HR Processes setup, Optimisation and Management
  • HR Services for Startups
  • HR Unit Outsourcing
  • Development of Performance Management System
  • Development of HR Documents, Verification and Compliance and lots more

Why You Are in Safe Hands

Trust us at MarbleClear because we know the basics and essentials of human resources and strongly believe we can add value to the planning and managing of your human capital growth and processes of your organisation if you engage us. Among other reasons, you should
engage us are:

  •  Trained Professionals: MarbleClear has a pool of trained professionals who have cognate experience and expertise in HR and Talent management. With our skilled hands, we are primed to optimize the value of your HR.
  • People Experience: We understand the concept of customer experience and candidate experience. Your engagement with us will benefit from our processes and values for an overall productive experience for your organization.
  • Excellence: Excellence is our culture and we are committed to offering you the best of service at the optimum level of professionalism and a desirable level of international best practices.
  • Timely delivery: We understand that the currency of survival, for any business is time. As such, we do well to save your time without compromising standards.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Managing your human resources does not need to cost a fortune. At MarbleClear, we ensure you spend less yet derive more and exceptional outcomes.